Refreshed, Refocused, and Ready!

“You’re joining’ this program already in progress!”

-Tracy Turnblad, Hairspray


Whether you’re new or you’ve been following my photography journey for the last 12+ years… Welcome! I’m so glad to be back into the wedding scene.

I’ve always been one to do things at 100%. No matter what it is. If you don’t know me, I can tell you the following:

1) In the last 12+ years of being a photographer, I’ve never missed a wedding or called in sick. Even when a bladder infection turned into a kidney infection. I showed up. And I was a rockstar. And no one knew I was sick. I am the photographer who photographed a wedding on September 7, had a baby on September 9, and photographed another wedding on September 23. Typing that, I sound insane. But I made it work, and I loved it.

2) I love learning new things. I guess it’s my way to keep myself interesting.

3)I quote movie lines… a lot. That might not seem relevant to this list, but it will help you understand me.

4)These last two years taught me to make myself a priority. While I might be able to do “super human” feats… I don’t have to. There’s no trophy for pushing your body over the edge. It’s okay to do a few things really well.

While I’m here to announce that I’m 100% back into weddings, I’m taking care of my body by limiting the amount of weddings we are going to photograph.

I wan’t to be focused and give personalized attention to each couple we work with. And for this season in our lives, that means scaling back.

We’re only taking 10 weddings this year (2020). That’s scaled back from what we would typically photograph each year. But that’s okay.

We want to travel with our family this year.

We want to stay home for a few Saturday mornings and go to the Farmer’s Market.

We want to be involved in your life - so that when we run into at the grocery store or restaurant, we can still remember your names and the love story of how you met.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to learn about you too! What are you passionate about? Comment on this blog and tell me!

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