Melanie + Michael = Dutch Inspired Eco-Friendly Wedding

Whenever we book weddings, we ask for the address of the venue. Duh.

Was I surprised to see that this January wedding would be at a park pavilion? A park pavilion? In January? Well, here goes!

Naturally, I assumed that we'd be semi-outside. I was horrified when the cold front moved in and brought negative (NEGATIVE) 30-degree weather.

In typical Wisconsin fashion, I proceeded to dress in layers upon layers. I completed my ensemble with furry weather-rated snow boots and a fluffy ear warmer to match. Guys, I looked ridiculous. Laughably ridiculous.

I wish I had a picture of my face as I fumbled into the pavilion; only to realize that there were garage-type doors and a warm fireplace protecting us from the cold.

I'm so glad Melanie + Michael had such a sweet family. Everyone welcomed me with such warm hearts... fluffy ear warmer and all!

The Dutch inspired decor was a bright contrast to the cold Wisconsin weather. Pops of red, green, blue, and yellow filled every corner of the room. Each and every detail was centered around an eco-friendly mindset; from the vintage tea cups and bamboo silverware. Melanie's hand painted signs, invitations, and family crest turned the simple park shelter into a temporary art installation.

And the piéce de résistance was Melanie's golden, yellow dress, scarlet lipstick, and chestnut faux fur muff.

During the ceremony, Melanie's daughter read from Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap's book "How To Get Married, By Me, The Bride."

Their post-wedding nuptials were celebrated with a tea party and pie.

Melanie + Michael were even brave enough to venture outside for pictures.

They ended the evening with an impromptu dance party. After we warmed up, we headed back outside for a few more images?

After reading this blog, have you been inspired to ditch the traditional white/cream dress?

Honestly, now I wish my dress would have been blue!

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