Our First Date

Yesterday I posed the question, "What should we do this year for our anniversary?"

One of the responses we received was the following…

I have to be honest, I busted out laughing immediately! It was too much to explain in a short comment so here's the re-creation of our first date with a little backstory first…

Joshua and I met when we were 12 years old. We started dating when we were 16. My parents had really strict rules in regards to dating. Our "dating" consisted of short chats on the phone and group dates to formal events like homecoming and prom. That was it.

The summer we graduated high school, we were finally able to go on a real date. So, Joshua picked me up and took me to the movies.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

I know, nothing romantic. We lived in a very small town and our movie options were limited. We arrived a few minutes early, ordered popcorn, soda, and picked our seats.

Just before the movie starts, we see 10 friends, all guys, from our church's youth group... oh, and the youth pastor too! A few of them came over and sat by us.

Even in the moment, it was laughable. Looking back, it is still laughable.

So, do we want to re-create our first date?

Probably not… Unless we can get 10 friends and a pastor to come too!!

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