We're Moving! Well, kind of...

"Think of only three things: your God, your family and the Green Bay Packers-in that order."⠀ - Vince Lombardi⠀ This March marks our 10th year of wedding photography! And I can't believe we've gotten this far. I started this business before we were married, and before we had kids! ⠀

You may have noticed lately that our newsfeed is starting to be filled with houses. I started photographing real estate last summer and fell in love with it! ⠀ We realize that our kids are only little once... and we really want to be involved in their lives. Our oldest son wanted to join soccer last year and couldn't because games were only on Saturdays. As you can imagine, this doesn't work out so well when your parents are wedding photographers. ⠀

DON'T PANIC... we’re not leaving wedding photography entirely! We will now be photographing a maximum of five weddings a year. I will be assisting other photographers while they photograph weddings. I did this last summer and it proved to be invaluable! I was able to learn new techniques, poses, and new ways to work efficiently. We had more family time. And when we did photograph a wedding, we went into it feeling refreshed and excited to work! It was such an amazing blessing! ⠀

With that being said... we have ONE opening this summer for a 2017 wedding and ONE opening for a Realtor to work with! I know this sounds crazy... but we'd rather have a nearly-full schedule and offer the best possible customer service, than be over-booked. If you have a favorite Realtor in the Fox Valley, tag them below!! We travel to Oshkosh too ;) ⠀

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