Involved from my couch?

I’ve joined my fair share of online wedding groups, forums, and business-owner-connection events. I joined all of these things with the honest intention of being involved in the actual community where I live. To actually go outside my house and sit and talk with real people. You know, like back in the 90’s. Before everyone owned cell phones.

But here I sit on my couch.

I RSVP with “going” and hope that magically my schedule that day will fall into place. But it never seems to work out. The nights I don’t have a photo shoot or a meeting, Josh has to work. The nights Josh has off so I can go, I’d rather spend time snuggling my kiddos and playing games. My TMNT skills are on point. And being the only girl in the house, I am the Black Widow by default. But without Scarlett Johansson’s movie-perfect body.

So, what has my couch taught me? It’s okay that I might be wearing the same pants I wore yesterday. My business peers will understand that I had a crazy, stressful day. And right now, a glass of wine and Netflix are calling my name. It’s okay to stay at home from non-mandatory meetings. In fact, isn’t that the reason why I became self-employed in the first place?

Someday, when my boys don’t care that I left the house… I will be there. I will be there with flying colors and participate like the giggly, adventurous soccer-mom that I am. I will share my business knowledge with you and support you through your challenges (and hopefully you’ll support me with mine).

Until then, I will participate by supporting local businesses. I will take the boys on a walk downtown Neenah, and grab a coffee from Timshel Cafe. I’ll renew my membership at the Building For Kids so my little men can wear off steam during the cold, winter months. And while I sit on my couch, I’ll eat pizza from Pagoni’s.

I’m with you in spirit… from my couch.

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