Work Smarter - Not Harder (Things I Love)

Today I shared - the limited knowledge - I have about business. Basically, my 2 hour time slot included real life stories about my experience as a business owner. It's weird to think of where I started. And honestly, when I did start this adventure, no one was willing to take me in.

That's not how the art community should be. Art has everything to do with collaborating with others, sharing what you know, and helping the next person. That's how we grow as artists.

I don't have a "secret sauce" to my business. But I am real with people. And I've learned that honesty, building a good reputation, and hard work will take you farther in life than traditional schooling ever could.

Well, here are the things that I love... and not in any specific order...

1) Canva - This is an amazing site that allows you to make advertisements for your business, without needing a degree in design. Most of the basic designs and texts on this site are FREE!

2) Later - Time to get off your smart phone and start living life. Seriously. Put it down. This amazing website allows you to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time... FOR FREE! I know, it's awesome. For the free account, you'll be able to schedule 30 posts per month. And, as a bonus, you'll be able to view your content before you publish it. If you don't like a layout, this is your chance to swap photos.

3) SquareUp - If you're not already accepting credit cards, you need to. Client's who are allowed to use plastic will spend 20% more. Stop worrying about credit card fees... and PLEASE don't charge your amazing customers processing fees either. Credit card processing fees are deductible on your taxes at the end of the year. As a bonus, SquareUp has graphs and pie charts to keep track of how your clients are spending. << New to square? Use my link for your first $1,000 in transactions with out paying a fee!

**P.S. Don't EVER type in a credit card number when accepting a payment. I made this mistake once... you're charged an extra fee. Use a card reader or send them an invoice later.

4) WIX - This is where I built my website. It's easy to use, and I love it. I tried being creative and designing my own template. Please, this is not the space to get fancy. People need info, and it needs to be easy to find. Your site also needs to be mobile friendly. I ended up using a pre-designed website (something that was designed by a pro) and adding my content. Life is easier this way.

5) Squijo - If you're looking for templates of any sort, this is the place to go. The monthly membership is only $5, and you can download as much as you want! I love their price guides, brushes and textures. If you want to try it first, they have free templates too.

6) EZTexting - Marking is so frustrating. People hate seeing junk mail in their inbox. Using the postal service is expensive. And Facebook ads are everywhere and can cost you BIG time. However... 97% of text messages are read. Why not use what people see? You'll be able to create a client data base and directly reach your client with deals and information. The best part, is that it's 5¢ to send a message. That's crazy affordable.

7) If you need basic information for starting a business, go to the people who make the rules...

8) If you're seeking legal advice, contracts, business tools, etc... check out The Lawtog...

I hope that helps your new journey in the photo world! If you have any questions, you're always welcome to email me, and hopefully I can help you out!

If your question requires more than a few lines in an email, buy me a coffee, and we'll sit down and chat for a bit.

If you're a visual learner, I can take you on a mentor session - you'll shoot alongside me. This will give you more time to ask questions as we work.

Now, go be awesome at what you do. And don't forget to share what you know with someone else.

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