Scheduling on Your Wedding Day

Today, we're talking about scheduling on your wedding day. Over the years, I've seen all different wedding schedules.

Schedules that have an approximate outline of the day (what we're doing every hour).

Schedules that have a detailed outline (what we're doing every 5 minutes).

Schedules that have a "get to the point" attitude...

We Get Married


Everyone Dances

The schedule really depends on the bride+groom and what they need to stay calm on their wedding day. But among the hustle and bustle of a wedding, it would be a great idea to write down some of the images you can't live without.

And no... Please, do not spam your photographer with your Pinterest page of 100+ images you've been drooling over. Have you really looked at your page... Seriously, LOOKED at your inspiration board?! I'll let you in on a secret you never noticed...

None of the images you have pinned are from the same wedding.

You probably didn't realize it before, but you're looking at a compilation of amazing moments from 100+ different weddings.

Besides, even though you have poses you want to capture on your wedding day, there are portraits that will mean more in the coming years. Important people in your life, like your parents and grandparents, won't be around forever. Making sure these portraits are captured is vital. Make sure that you set aside an appropriate amount of time for your family portraits.

Katie, wrote us to share her wedding tips!

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