Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids will LOVE!

You love your bridesmaids. They’ve done so much to help you plan your wedding day. But how in the world are you supposed to say “Thank You” to these wonderful ladies?! These are our FAVORITE ways to say “Thanks” in any budget… And yes. We have links for where you can purchase everything!

5) Jamberry Nails - I was seriously skeptical of these. But my best friend started selling Jamberry Nails… To humor her, I took a sample. They were surprisingly easy to use, and they really did last! This is also a cost-effective way to make sure everyone’s nails match, without making your bridesmaids spend tons of money at the salon. No, really… they’ve already spent $200 on a dress they’ll never wear again. Trust me, another $100 at the salon might push them over the edge. Their CELEBRATIONBOX costs $100 and includes nail wraps for 6 people.

Images Via Screenshot from Jamberry

Find this product here:

4) Custom Hangers - These were just adorable! And I can’t begin to tell you about all of the cheap, plastic hangers in my closet. Not only are these hangers adorable for your pictures - these are the hangers your bridesmaids want, but don’t want to buy for themselves. Trust me… once you realize that there are STILL clothes in your closet from the glory days of High School, you’ll want to upgrade your hangers too.

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3) Clutch filled with Goodies - If you’re looking for a more personal way to say “Thanks” we love a cute clutch of goodies! Not sure what to include? Here are some ideas… • $10 - Random? I know. But your bridesmaids will appreciate that you’re paying the tip for the wedding day up-do! Like I said, costs add up… No bridesmaid will turn down cash! And your stylist will love you too! • Handkerchief - There will be tears during the wedding day. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, maybe a little sweat too. This is defiantly a classier alternative to shoving kleenex down your dress. • Drink for the Road - Keep the celebration going with a post-ceremony drink! While your bridesmaids are packing things from the ceremony… or waiting in the limo… they’ll appreciate this! Pregnant bridesmaid? Ask for sparkling cider! • Lip Gloss - Buy a shade to match or compliment the dress • Accent Jewelry - A small bracelet or earrings will add a classy touch to the wedding attire. This is also a polite way to ask bridesmaids to take off excess jewelry with out saying a word.

Visit a local store to purchase everything that goes inside! But here’s the link to the clutch: 2) Kimono Robes - Done with the soft pink satin robes? I photographed these adorable robes while my bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready. It was gorgeous! Everyone had a cohesive look while getting ready. Which sounds silly… but it really does improve the look of the images. Choose a different color for each bridesmaid or one color for everyone.

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1) Velour Track Outfit - As discussed before, your fantastic bridesmaids have already spent a ton of cash on an adorable *semi* expensive dress. By the reception, their dress is probably getting a little much to handle… and if we’re honest, so is yours. Why not free everyone from the formality and get your girls a cute velour track outfit? Speaking from experience, this is fantastic. Maybe it was my thighs rubbing together throughout the wedding day… or maybe it was my strapless bra falling down… either way, that track outfit was the most amazing piece of clothing. Have your bridesmaids change their outfits after your first dances are finished.

Images Via Edward Fox Photography

*We had an “Etsy Fail” with this one… so I’m not going to link to the vendor… but I would suggest purchasing your Track Outfits online, and stopping by a craft store for the iron on rhinestone “Bride” “Maid of Honor” and “Bridesmaid” titles.

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