Giving Back with Chickens

We’ve donated things before… We’ve donated photography session and gift certificates to help raise money for charity events or medical treatments. As a business, we’ve never given consistently. We usually give when someone asks.

Giving back shouldn’t be about having cash laying around… and then donating what you find left over. It’s about choosing to sacrifice for someone. If not financially, then with your time. Either way, we have to change. We need to give back.

There is a wonderful company called Samaritan’s Purse. They help people in impoverished areas of the world through gifts of love. Ever hear of Operation Christmas Child? The shoe boxes filled with Christmas presents for children in Africa? Yep. That’s them!

This is our commitment to you… For every wedding we book, we’re going to donate 36 chickens to three families. As these chickens grow, they will lay enough protein-rich eggs to feed a family. Families may even have enough eggs left over to sell or trade at market.

Yesterday, we booked a wedding! Yeah! Which means today, we’re going to help three families by donating chickens. Maybe that's not a lot. You might be right... but it's more than what we had been donating.... which was nothing.

Want to join us? Or choose something amazing to donate? If chickens aren’t your thing, consider donating medical supplies, fresh wather, food, or clothing. Follow this link to find something that pulls at your heart:

Image Via: Wendy Domeni

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