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When I chat with a bride+groom during a consultation, one of the questions I ask is, “Where’s the ceremony or reception taking place?” Not being stuck in a an office... being able to go anywhere... and to talking with new people every weekend... are the things I love most about being a photographer! I just love seeing the architecture of 100 year old church... an industrial space that has been converted into an intimate ceremony site... Or a perfectly landscaped garden wedding.These are the types of locations I live for. 2015 was the “Year of Locations”… and here are a few of my favorites!

Lambeau Field… Karissa&Mike Growing up as a true Wisconsinite - Bleeding Green&Gold, Sunday Football, with a slice of the Frozen Tundra in our freezer (maybe that was a 90’s thing) - being a Lambeau did not disappoint. The impeccable decoration at the reception was was done by Sash&Bow!

Lambeau Wedding, Sash&Bow, Green Bay Wedding, Packer Stadium

Back Yard… Cassandra&Matt This one always makes me nervous. Sometimes, my idea of a back yard is much different than what I show up to. But either way, I make it work! Needless to say, when Joshua and I photographed this wedding, we were blown away to find acres, and acres of gorgeous fields with plenty of space to move around. Can everyone have a backyard wedding like this?! Please!!

Back yard wedding, Outdoor Wedding, DIY Bride, Outdoor Wedding Pictures

The National Railroad Museum… Lisa&Kelly Purchasing a yearly membership to the National Railroad Museum is one of our favorite museums to visit! So, when we received a request to photograph a wedding here, we couldn’t say no! We loved seeing historical details in every corner of the room. We especially that guests have time to walk through the museum during the “down time” of a wedding day.

National Railroad Museum, Green Bay Wedding, Railroad Wedding

The Fox Club - Wisconsin Timber Rattlers… Sarah&Tim There’s nothing better than being with the home team… Go Rattlers! We loved the outdoor feel of a baseball wedding. There’s something spectacular about seeing a bride run across the field to say her wedding vows. Not to mention the gorgeous sunset view from the banquet hall at dinner.

Fox Cities Stadium, Timber Rattlers Wedding, Baseball Wedding, Appleton Wedding

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