When a Review Sucks

"It was a pleasure to work with Rachael, she is flexible and accommodating in meeting our quick schedule. Overall, Rachael is affordable because you pay for the experience of a photographer and she has beginner level in wedding photography. I consider her photography strength more as a studio and family portrait photographer. She can capture still shots and has an artistic eye for composition but lacks the knowledge in capturing indoor or motion photo settings such as camera lighting control. With more experience, Rachael can become a great photographer."

I read those words, and my heart broke. Every fiber of my being went into their images. There was a lump in my throat, and I wanted to throw up. I spent their wedding day with them - and for that day - I was included in their family history, the inside jokes, and the secret moments of how they felt before seeing eachother for the first time.

I cried for days. I cried ugly, sobbing tears. I thought well enough of their wedding to have thier images featured on the top of my wedding portfolio. I used their wedding images in a custom album to show to prospective clients during wedding consultaitons.

I had been honest during our initial consutlation. I showed my own work proudly, and they liked me enough to book me. We had engagement pictures, and they loved them. So what changed? Honestly, I may never know.

I had to suck it up... Put on my "big girl" pants... and move on.

I was going to change how I read their review. I examined my work, and thought about what they said. What was I doing different - with regards to their concern for "lighting control" - than other photographers.

Enter the world of Off Camera Flash (OCF). Until now, I had only used an external flash on my camera. I used difussers to soften shadows, but I was still limited.

It took a while to learn. But I pushed myself. I spent time learning from others.

I love what I have become. I love how my skill set has grown. And just as before, I will stand behind my work. I will still include every fiber of my being into each wedding I photograph.

Whether it's a 5 star, or a 3 star review. I will take what people say to heart. But I won't let it consume me. I will address concerns and see what I can do to make myself better.

"Ever minute I waste thinking about the one person who doesn't like what I did, there are other businesses who are using that time to make themselves better."


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