Engagement Session - What Do We Wear? Part 2 of 2

What Should We Wear? Your engagement is one of the most wonderful and romantic times in your life! We’d always suggest dressing up a little to celebrate the occasion. But if you don’t see eye-to-eye on wardrobe choices… or there’s no way your husband-to-be will put on dress pants and a button down shirt… don’t worry! We have a solution!

Coordinate Your Outfits: No matter the style of clothing, coordinating your outfits is a must! Find a color scheme that works for both of you. Or, find a theme! If you feel like “dressy” is not your thing, jeans and a classic shirt work for a timeless look. But please, no graphics on your clothing… we don’t want to do free advertising for other companies.

When Your Styles Don’t Match: Finally! Your engagement session! And… he won’t dress up. But you found the perfect dress! You have to wear it! Why not let him wear jeans and a shirt? I’m always a fan of a great V-Neck or classic cut shirt for guys. Pair your dress with a cute jean jacket for a completed look!

He is NOT Interested in Pictures: Let’s be honest. Sometimes, your future hubby is less than thrilled about engagement pictures. That’s okay. It happens more than you think. Let’s do something to incorporate what he likes. Football and baseball jerseys do work for engagement sessions. And don’t worry… a little camo never hurt anyone.

*Hint - It’s easier to find clothes for him first! And then match your outfit to his look!

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