An Elopement... Callie+Matt 6.12.15

I love the excitement and hectic timeline of a wedding day... Actually, I thrive off of it! Feeding off the energy of everyone's excitement is amazing. Cram 250-500 of your closest family and friends in a room, and I'm in the creative zone. But there's something to be said for the nervous excitement of a wedding with 5 guests... And yes, 5 guests includes the bride, groom, and myself. Well, 6 guests if you include the officiant. After photographing a few Elopements, I'd have to say my favorite part is that there's no where to go. No reception to rush off to. There's not 250-500 of your closest family and friends waiting for our arrival. It's just the bride, groom, and myself. Why does that make me excited? Because that means I have MORE time to take pictures! Not only that, the bride and groom are relaxed. Usually, the most anxious part is getting done by 6:00pm so they can make their dinner reservation. On the day of Callie+Matt's wedding, we met at the Winnebago Courthouse in Oshkosh, WI. It was a wonderful, intimate ceremony with two of their friends present as witnesses. We took a couple of images inside and outside the courthouse (inside the courthouse, there are gorgeous reflective marble floors... PERFECT for a romantic shot). After the ceremony, we hopped in our cars and stopped by Menominee Park for their portraits. And after that, a quick run to their house for a picture with Buddy, their furry canine family member. For Callie+Matt's wedding, they requested that I not post any images. No big deal. I don't necessarily need any of their images for my portfolio. So, you probably won't find any amazing sneak peeks on this blog post. But they did allow me to share this image with you!! Oh yeah, it's totally an image taken with my iPhone... so don't get too excited. And of course the image is square because I shared it on Instagram first! If you're looking for more of the awesome images I take, find me on Instagram @Elegant Exposure

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.48.47 PM.png

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