How to Delete Someone In a Picture - Tutorial

Photoshop is not a "fix all".

But seriously. Photoshop is NOT a "fix all".

But, if I'm going to delibertly put someone in an image (in this case, my wonderful husband, Joshua stepped in for the purpose of lighting) - I had better know how to remove them. Truth be told... Emily & Mike do not want Joshua in their wedding photos forever.

In my FIRST tutorial I'll show you how to delete someone from your image. Here's the "Before & After"...

Before and After, Emily and Mike.jpg

Before you watch the video, here are two tips...

1) Know your limits - Being mid-shoot with a client, and stating "It's okay, I can photoshop that." is bad. If you missed the first part, photoshop is not a "fix all". Use photoshop to enhance your image or clean it up! Keep expectations real.

2) There's 100 different ways to do this. But I'm showing you what works for me. If it doesn't work for you, no worries... find something that does!

Okay, that's enough of that... Let's watch the tutorial!!

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