My Crazy Idea to Make a Promo Video

We've always wanted to be at the front of new things... Well, things that work. These last three years, we've been growing our Fusion Photography side of our business. But I won't go on about that now... that's an entirely different post.

Anyway, I've been seeing these "Promo Videos" pop up for the last couple years.

Promo video... Huh. That's an idea.

I'm generally not the first one to jump in FRONT of the camera. After having kids, I'm not exactly a size 8. Hahaha :D But seriously.

Anyway, I like to keep my business personal. My brides and grooms have access to my personal cell phone. Besides that, I'm more than just another wedding vendor. I'm the one following you around for 8+ hours on your wedding day. I'm the one you turn to before the receiving line and ask, "Is my mascara running?". Or, when we're taking family pictures, but your parents are divorced... I'm the smiley camera lady who somehow fits everyone into your first real family picture! We both know, that's never gonna happen again.

But how do I show YOU that?! How do I let you into my wedding world and proove that I'm outgoing and smiley... but in an email? Nope. Not working.

So we finally did it. We hired Dan Mlodzik with Dan Mlodzik Productions ( Quite honestly, the best decision we've made for our business. And wouldn't you know, our brides love it!

So, here you go... A chance to see us in action!

*Josh is in this video... although he doesn't talk. No worries :) He'll say hello on your wedding day! But when he second shoots, he usually in "Wedding Ninja" mode.

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