$100 To Book Your Wedding... Now What's Holding You Back?

"If you’re waiting to plan your wedding, what’s holding you back? We wanna know for a future blog post!"

I heard you last week. When I asked what’s holding you back from planning your wedding... and there was an overwhelming theme of financial worries.

I get it. And I’m not gonna pretend like it’s not a concern.

Maybe you don’t have a financial concern... but the worry of having to move your wedding date has you FREAKED out.

I hear you too.

And I have a solution for you.

Usually we ask for a bigger deposit to save your wedding date... most vendors do. But we’re changing the amount.

Instead of asking for a chunk of cash upfront, from now until January 31, 2021, our new wedding deposit will be $100. To make things even easier... you can make monthly payments of $100 until the month of your wedding date.

Need to change your date after you book? No problem! We won’t charge you a fee.

Need to change your venue because they canceled on you? No problem! We're ready to roll with the punches.

Seriously. No hidden fees. No hoops to jump through.

And once you book us, you won't be fighting for our attention. We still are ONLY taking 10 weddings per year. That's it.

2020 sucked. Let's see what we can do to help each other out. And who knows, maybe the rest of the wedding industry will catch on.

If you like the new way we’ll be helping couples during this weird time... could you take a second to share this blog? Or email it to a friend who’s engaged?

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